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July 12-13th, 2019 in Salt Lake City, UT
When you take time to focus on what really matters most, you gain CLARITY. Give yourself the gift of 2 days ... and transform EVERYTHING.
During this event you'll not only learn more about the Legacy Dimensions, but you'll see how to harness their power to transform your family culture, your retirement vision, and create what we like to call "generational wealth."
Why live a narrow, unbalanced life? 
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From The Desk Of Doug Andrew
We all want a life of abundance—with more than enough for ourselves, for our loved ones and for the causes we care about.
But what exactly do we aim to have “more than enough” of? Is it just money, or is there something else? And how exactly do we get it?
At Live Abundant, we believe you should be living life to the fullest in all three dimensions of Authentic Wealth: 
Financial, Foundational, and Intellectual.
But abundance in any of these dimensions doesn’t just happen by accident.
As everyone knows, financial wealth requires strategic effort, prudent planning, and dedicated follow-through. Just the same, reaping rewards in the other two dimensions—what we call the Legacy Dimensions—only happens when you focus, strategize and design a more compelling life.
So ask yourself:
What kind of life do I want to lead and live?
but most importantly,
what kind of legacy do I want to leave? 
Do you want to live within the scarcity zone, taking the same-old advice, generating the same-old results … inadvertently showing your children and grandchildren that your family accepts living a less-than-stellar life? 
Or do you want to break free—teaching your posterity with intention that scarcity is the arch enemy of abundance, and that your family can live a higher standard, implementing proven strategies developed by some of the world’s top thinkers?

We invite you to be a part of the Live Abundant family, a group of people committed to creating a legacy of accountability, responsibility, and long-lasting wealth.
Join us at the upcoming Legacy By Choice event, and explore your brighter future.

To your abundance,
Doug Andrew
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